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About The Book


Book Synopsis:

Feline AIDS: A Pet Owner’s Guide offers hope and help for the pet owner, including effective natural treatment strategies for ailing FIV+ cats and preventative measures for those not yet showing symptoms.



Some of the features and benefits of this book include:

  • easy-to-understand language (no medical jargon)
  • step-by-step ways to shore up your cat’s immune system
  • helpful suggestions for making your cat comfortable if he/she is experiencing symptoms of the disease
  • inspiring story of Jac Hapka, the elderly cat who survived and thrived with FIV
  • comprehensive product index, offering links to supplement companies, holistic practitioners, and pet supply stores that carry natural products



Feline AIDS: A Pet Owner’s Guide earned five-star reviews and won two awards during its initial run. The book also received endorsements from holistic practitioners around the world.

“Thomas Hapka has written this book in such a way that in one hour or less you will have enough information to get your cat on the road to recovery. Briefly, but ever so thoroughly, you will have sound knowledge of this disease, and better still, be equipped with the tools you need to do something about it. It is obvious that both Tom’s heart and mind are deeply ingrained in this book. My deep gratitude to Tom for this wonderful guide.”

— Lita Radford, veterinary homeopath


“…This book is an excellent compilation of alternative treatments to help owners whose cats have Feline AIDS (also known as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV).”

— Optimum Choices Holistic Health Consulting


About the Author

Thomas Hapka is an award-winning writer, holistic consultant, and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He learned of FIV in 1995 when his cat, Jac, was diagnosed. Since then, he has consulted with thousands of pet owners around the world. He also studied under Dr. Francis Ehrlich and took classes at the British Institute of Homeopathy. His clients have spanned nine countries and included two American zoos. Hapka’s work has been featured in the magazines Australian National Cat and Animal Wellness.

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