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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is FIV spread?

Unlike other feline diseases, FIV is not wildly contagious. A healthy cat cannot get FIV by sitting in the same room with an infected cat. Furthermore, FIV is NOT spread through mutual grooming, shared bedding, food dishes, water bowls, or litter pans. FIV is primarily spread through deep, penetrating bite wounds, and the highest rate of transmission occurs among un-neutered, street roaming males. There is evidence that the disease can also be passed from mothers to their unborn kittens.


Can I get AIDS from my cat?

NO! It is not possible to get AIDS from your cat. FIV or Feline AIDS is exclusively a feline disease. It only affects cats. It is impossible for a human to get Feline AIDS. FIV is NOT the same disease as the HIV or AIDS that people get. They are completely different diseases. People often get scared when they learn their cat has Feline AIDS. They hear the word AIDS and panic before getting the facts. Please rest assured that you cannot get AIDS from your cat.


Are my dogs and other pets at risk?

No. FIV or Feline AIDS or only affects cats. The disease poses no threat to dogs and other animals.

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