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“I cannot say enough good things about the book or Mr. Hapka….The results I have had are amazing and I will be forever grateful for the wealth of information and support I received from the book and Mr. Hapka. On a scale of 1 – 10 I give it a 100!”
—Penne, Miramar, FL


“This is an excellent book!…. We have used Tom’s plan and had amazing results with our cat. The attending veterinarian told us she would not make it; however, today she is perfectly healthy and living a normal life. …We did hours of research looking for help… Tom has pulled everything together for a cat owner’s benefit.”
—Chris, St. Helena Island, SC


“This book was one of the best investments we have ever made! We were recently told that 2 of our cats had FIV. Once we were told this devastating news the vet informed us that we should put them both to sleep. Not knowing which way to turn or what to do, since they are just like our kids, we decided to do some research on our own before making such a drastic decision. …We went on-line and found Thomas Hapka’s book, Feline Aids. As far as we are concerned not only did it give us hope, but it was truly a life saver. It has so much information right at your finger tips & is very simple to understand & follow. We are in the process of treating our FIV cats & at this time they are doing fine.”
—C.W., OC, California


“I encourage anyone whose cat has been diagnosed with FIV to order this book. Mr. Hapka has written an excellent handbook, giving pet owners practical treatments they can do themselves without investing a fortune. Unfortunately, medical vets can’t offer much help to cats suffering from FIV. Owners are often encouraged to euthanize. This book provides a wonderful alternative and may just help restore your pet to a healthy lifestyle.”
—Kathy B., Wisconsin


“This book is so important for those people who have cats with FIV. Kuro who has had FIV since adoption in 1999 was gravely ill this spring (2006) and we thought we were going to lose him. In my desperate attempt to seek other options after exhausting all medical treatments, this book gave me information and contacts I would not have otherwise had. I learned that being proactive with nutrition, vitamins and supplements are key in keeping a FIV+ cat in good health and that homeopathic medicine can help when traditional medicine fails. Tom has been of tremendous help to our Kuro.”
—Lillian, Chicago, Illinois


“…This book is an excellent compilation of alternative treatments to help owners whose cats have Feline AIDS (also known as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV).”
— Optimum Choices Holistic Health Consulting


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